Jews Are Promoting Rat Worship to Our Children

Why are they pushing the worship of rats instead of Jesus?

Is it because they are rats?

And they want our children to love them?

If you are a cat lover in 2019, you are out of luck. There is nothing for your children to enjoy except, 'The Aristocats', 'Topcat' and 'Garfield'. If you are wondering how Garfield was able to become a 'hero cat', its because Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield is NOT a Jew! 'Topcat' was invented by Hanna-Barbera, who are both Catholics. Hanna being a Syrian, and Barbera is Italian. All the other cats are villains in every cartoon! When in history has there ever been so much tribute to rodents? Only in the 20th century folks, because its the Jewish cycle and peak of Jew influence. The Jews have flooded children's stories with rat worship, so that our kids are forced to ALWAYS love the Jews and feel sorry for rats. You see folks, we aryans are the cats, and the rats have to be the winners according to the Jews. You should forbid your children to watch this Zionist propaganda! A lot of people are saying that the inventor of Mickey Mouse, who is NOT Walt Disney folks, but Ubbe Iwwerks, may be an Ashkenazi Jew. Most of the rodent cartoons were designed by Jewish people.

Jerry Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Mighty Mouse

Speedy Gonzales

Fievel Mousekewitz, a Holocaust mouse ?

Maus has a Hitler cat which looks kind of like Mike's cat 'Baby Hitler' a.k.a. Hello Kitler

Who can Forget the Cinderella rats? 'Cinderelly, Cinderelly' song

The Dumbo Rodent 'Timothy Q. Mouse'

The Great Mouse Detective

The Rescuers

Ratatouille is a Rat that cooks!

Lilo & Stitch is considered to be one of the ugliest rats Disney ever invented.

Hindu's also worship rats in India: