The Jews would have you believe that they ...CARE for the wildlife and natural rainforests of the World, but their economic pursuits don't support this claim:

My first case to report are the careless criminal activities of the Gibson Guitar Company, which is owned today by Billionaire Jew: Henry Juszkiewicz.

You can watch this Alex Jones' video of Jones defending a guilty Mr. Juszkiewicz: CLICK HERE!

I have been to many Quechua villages in Peru and in the Amazon Rainforests as a concerned volunteer to save wildlife and natives. We fought a LONG battle against the timber companies involved in illegal logging tearing down villages with armed mafia guards. They were ALL working for Gibson guitar company! Now wait..... Don't all of our favourite, 'peace loving' hippies use those guitars, like Led Zeppelin:

Why Doesn't Jimmy Page and other millionaire rock musicians come forward to condemn the destruction of the rainforests? I thought these people gave a damn?

The real truth is, that they are sponsored for their strange silence! ... And Zionist disinfomation agents like Alex Jones, are defending Gibson's crimes... So the so-called 'alternative media' is also helping Gibson sell more guitars at the expense of the Quechua and Amazonian native peoples. Why is this revelant? Because it shows the hypocricies of the Jews and their products which are ruining the Planet. They want the average citizen to pay carbon taxes, for jewish crimes. Why should the natives have to assimilate in Rio de Janeiro, and live in poverty and endless hopelessness, SO THAT some greedy executives at GIBSON can continue their fraudful tradition of selling their cheaply found timber to a brainwashed American public, who has been mislead into this stupid dream of becoming 'rock stars'. So they go to the Guitar Center and buy 2000 dollar instruments for their kids, never knowing that the Jews run the music industry, and the Jews decide which rock bands make it. This entire display of debauchery and egoism (of having the same guitar that 'Jimmy Page' used or 'so-and-so') is just deplorable!

Brazil is only 'one' of the nations that Gibson is exploiting. The truth is that they are in several nations tearing down rainforests to build their expensive instruments: They are in Surinam for snakewoods. They are in India and Pakistan tearing down those forests for the cheap rosewood there, They are in Africa for the Ebony timber. This is a CRIMINAL COMPANY! Why would you want to buy their instruments? They do not come from renewable resources. They are RUINING our planet! GO TO BRAZIL, and check it out if you don't believe me. I have been there. Thousands (perhaps millions) of tree's are missing. The original inhabitants are GONE! What happened to them? Did the Jews at Gibson murder those entire communities? I don't hear about their holocaust! I don't hear about the holocaust and cries of Brazilian rosewood trees. There should be a Holocaust Museum for the Rosewood Forests, and Gibson should be forced to pay for it!

What about the Ayahuwasca shamans?

They actually advised me to NEVER use rosewood again, "If you really love our people, you'd tell your people to never use rosewood ever again in their music"