1. Is Mike a Racist, Antisemite, or Neo-Nazi?

No, of course not! Mike criticises the crimes of capitalism. Organized crime, which flourishes in Capitalist societies, seems to be led by Jewish rats, but Mike doesn't hate the Jews for their race, but only for the crimes they commit against fellow humans. The problem is that the Jews repeatedly form a distinguishable pattern of destruction to societies in which they infiltrate. Most human beings are silent about it, but if you take mushrooms, it's hard to remain silent!

2. Mike's bio says he's a Green Party member, does he believe in Carbon Taxes and the Climate Change phenomenon?

He is against the frauds being commited inside the Green Party of England and Wales concerning climate change, such as the Climategate forgeries. BUT.... Mike ONLY acknowledges urban climate change restricted to urbanized city areas (not residential), coming from both air conditioning systems and motor vehicles through 'heat transfer physics'. No one can deny that an automobile has several heat signitures: The motor, AC system, radiators, tires, exhaust, brakes, etc. When you add that up and multiply by every license holder, it becomes a recipe of extreme heat in Urban areas, then throw in residential building AC systems with large fans that blow the hot air outwards and refigerators, now it becomes REALLY bad. This type of heat CAN NOT BE DENIED by any conspiracy thoerists because it is self-evident! Mike also wants carbon taxes on ONLY the one-percenter billionaires. Never on the Middle classes! If you had been to the Psychedelic National Socialists meeting in Cardiff and Manchester than you already know Mike's position. Mike is AGAINST carbon taxing the poor and middle classes. It should ONLY be done to the Elites. The reason he is not a BNP member or a conservative, is because he believes that you can't use the Jew system to make any real change for British folks. The whole system needs overhauling, new reform and perhaps a complete boot, but if Mike had to choose to work within this current system, he choses saving the environment, perhaps because he lives in Snowdonia??? Who knows? He'll never change!

MIKE answers critics: "I understand where this is all going: ZIONISM. Listen... I have no defense for the Green movement. I am not going to be an apologist for them either! They don't invite me to their meetings anymore and since then they have distanced themselves from me. The Green politics uses lies and hoaxes to promote their propaganda. I was forced to create my own political movement with friends. I don't like seeing rubbish thrown in my area, or rubbish in the seas. Its all Jewish. The Party is Jewish and the rubbish is Jewish. The Jews have the largest carbon footprint on the planet. They take the most airline flights, They use the most fuel. Exterminating the Jew, would probably SAVE THE PLANET. You could make an entire Green party platform based on the Environmental destruction by the Jew, and that's what we hope to accomplish with the Psychedelic National Socialist Movement"

3. Is Mike Llywellyn 'gay', is he wearing eyeliner - that looks gay ?

No, He does amateur theater and performs as a Bard, which is a family tradition. On stage eye make-up often runs from sweating during performances especially in the Summer, so he had his eyes tattooed with 'permenent make-up' like other Bards and theater people, but he is NOT gay at all. He believes that homosexuality is a mental illness caused by unnatural overstimulation of the sexual parts of the Brain.

MIKE answers critics: 'Yes, I have darkened my brows and eyes for photo's and onstage! If I didn't, I'd look like a ghost and MORE LIKE A GIRL! Who is not doing this? I'm often compared to Boris Johnson, and that's why I color my brows, lashes, etc.. It's not excessive like woman. ...And at least, I'm not hiding or denying it!"

4. What Religion Do You Follow?

Mike and Lewis are both traditional Roman Catholics and they both studied Latin, so they take part in the Latin Mass. Craig, on the other hand is a Protestant.

5. The Band's Name Is Really Hard to Pronouce, Why Couldn't You Choose An Easier Name?

MIKE RESPONDS: 'This is probably the NUMBER ONE question, we get asked by the very few fans (a little over 7000 people) we have around the World. To make it brief: We're not 'Sellouts'! We have no intention to become famous! If that were the case, our songs would seek to reflect the 'edited' mainstream values of what the Jews want! We are also very happy with our current jobs... THIS IS A HOBBY FOLKS! It is not necessary to pronounce LLYWELLYN correctly to be our fan. The double 'LL' is not that difficult to learn, but to many, it is challenging. I had different 'pronouceable' English band names in the past and they didn't really help us grow our numbers or outreach, so I stopped caring. Eventually Me and Lewis just went with the family name, because it inspired us to stay together.'

6. Do You Have Songs in Cymraeg?

Yes, they do, but there are only three million people in Wales, so most of the band's songs are in English.

7. Wasn't Mike Antifa? What happened?

He was a far-leftest, until the mushroom experience! He was never in the Antifa movement, but the band did play at Antifa events in the earlier years.